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supporting same-sex marriage's Journal

24th September, 2006. 10:25 am. You should all go(doughnutman)

Dear LGBTI New Jerseyans and our legions of straight allies:

As we at Garden State Equality have travelled across the state these past few years, one of the most frequent requests we've gotten has come from couples asking us to put together a social to meet other couples. Here it is. Dinner, music and an open wine bar. Free.

Of course we'll do some business -- we'll talk about Garden State Equality's Marriage Ambassadors program for which so many couples have signed up.

Our Marriage Ambassador couples will move to the front and center of our public-education campaign when the New Jersey Supreme Court hands down its marriage equality decision sometime in the next 30 days.

Indeed, our Marriage Ambassador couples will be among Garden State Equality's most important public spokespeople regardless of the outcome of the Supreme Court case. If our side wins, our message is about protecting the victory from a state constitutional ban on marriage equality. If our side loses, our message is about passing a marriage-equality statute in the state legislature.

Either way, Garden State Equality's Marriage Ambassadors couples will help lead the way.

Whether or not you've signed up to be a Marriage Ambassador couple, we welcome you to this dinner. In fact, we welcome you whether you're a same-sex couple - though this event will be of special interest if you are one - an opposite-sex couple or single.

Most of all, this evening will be social and lots of fun. Dinner, music and an open wine bar on a Saturday night. All free. You can't beat that. So please join us on Saturday, October 14, 2006 at 7:30 pm, Banquet Room at the Sun Tavern, 15 South Avenue, Fanwood, New Jersey. Directions at www.mapquest.com/directions.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to be in touch. Garden State Equality chair Steven Goldstein is at Goldstein@GardenStateEquality.org and cell (917) 449-8918. GSE deputy director Joan Hervey is at Hervey@GardenStateEquality.org and cell (908) 403-7155.



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11th July, 2006. 11:35 am.(musicwmnvla)

I got this email from the Human Rights Campaign and I'm not a big fan of fowarding emails so I thought I'd post this in communities where people might find it particularly interesting. x-posted to worldconscience

Tired of Bill O'Reilly and Ann Coulter? Wondering why Rush
Limbaugh has a radio show and we don't? Well, now we do. The
Human Rights Campaign and XM Satellite Radio are launching The
Agenda with Joe Solmonese and it's premiering in one week
exclusively on XM. Get it today!

Why The Agenda? Because the truth is we do have an agenda. It's
about living our lives openly and honestly and in a world where
all people are full citizens, regardless of their sexual
orientation or gender identity.

The Agenda will take on the key issues of the day. We will be
provocative, controversial and in touch with the GLBT news of
the day. But you know what? We'll also be fun and silly and
reflect the diversity in our culture as well as our lives. So,
you'll probably get a dose of gay bowling along with gay
fashion, a gay icon like Cyndi Lauper as well as a hero like Ted

Best of all, we get to talk with you. This is live, talk radio
and the phones will be open. The Agenda will happen every Monday
night from 6 to 8 p.m. Eastern, starting on July 17, when we
open up the call lines to you and to America.

To participate in The Agenda, you need to subscribe to XM
Satellite Radio- the country's number one satellite radio
provider. Sure, you get us, but you also get more than 170
digital channels with the most commercial-free music in
satellite radio, live concerts, the biggest names in news, talk
and entertainment and the most sports play-by-play. Better yet,
the Human Rights Campaign benefits from your radio subscriptions
to XM. Visit this website for special savings on XM Satellite
Radio. http://www.hrcactioncenter.org/ct/f7qqFI51pmON/

At the Human Rights Campaign, we're going where you are - in
your communities, in your workplace and in your places of
worship. Now we're coming into your home and your car with The
Agenda only on XM Satellite Radio. I hope you'll join us.



p.s. The Agenda with Joe Solmonese is only available on XM
Satellite Radio so go to
http://www.hrcactioncenter.org/ct/vdqqFI51pmOs/ to sign-up and
get special savings.

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8th August, 2005. 11:05 pm. Happy Familes(doughnutman)

Opponents to gay adoption could ask a child in foster care which makes him feel more threatened: the thought of being raised by homosexuals, or the prospect of an indefinite number of years spent passing through an indefinite number of homes. They could ask whether “family values” are best served by attempting to marginalize gay couples who raise families, by “protecting” abused or sick children from people who want to give them a home, by forcing parents to worry whether they’ll have the legal authority to bring their kids to the hospital in an emergency.

Read the rest of the article:

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7th August, 2005. 7:52 pm. GBLT Rights Conference(musicwmnvla)

I received this email today and thought people might be interested in it. The conference is nearly a year away, but perhaps we can plan an outing for next summer? I've been to Montreal, it's rather nice.

emailCollapse )

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19th January, 2005. 3:36 pm. Take action(doughnutman)

New Jersey.
> Contact your Assembly member today and urge him/her
> to oppose
> ACR 212, a mean-spirited amendment that would deny
> marriage
> rights to same-sex couples in New Jersey. The
> proposed amendment
> introduced by Assembly Member Richard Merkt, states
> that "a
> marriage is solely between a man and a woman unless
> the
> legislature provides otherwise." Passage of this
> amendment would
> do great harm to the movement for marriage equality
> in New
> Jersey.
> To read the full text of the bill, please visit
> http://www.hrcactioncenter.org/ct/S71U8W61tXAw/.

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12th August, 2004. 2:56 pm. another cartoon(celaeno)

history of marriageCollapse )

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6th August, 2004. 1:38 pm. Well said(celaeno)

I like the look on the reality tv people's facesCollapse )

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20th July, 2004. 12:17 pm.(musicwmnvla)

I was recently made aware of this by an entry in worldconscience meant to promote activism and supporting good causes that I mention in hopes that some of you might find it useful. The Human Rights Campaign for equal rights for GLBT individuals and families. It supports same-sex marriage and focuses on other issues as well. I signed up for email updates so if no one is violently opposed to the idea I'll post some of them here.

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14th July, 2004. 5:04 pm. = = :)(tofusquirrel)

"Just moments ago, the Federal Marriage Amendment lost in the Senate by a stunning, bipartisan vote of 50-48."


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20th June, 2004. 10:26 am. write your senators(celaeno)

The Federal Marriage Amendment
The Republican Senate leadership has scheduled a vote on the Federal Marriage Amendment for the week of July 12...

The Allard amendment reads: "Marriage in the United States shall consist only of the union of a man and a woman. Neither this Constitution, nor the constitution of any state, shall be construed to require that marriage or the legal incidents thereof be conferred upon any union other than the union of a man and a woman."

"What can I do??" you ask?

send your senator an email...
send all the senators in your state an email...

It's EASY!

go to this website:


click on your state
call or email the senators in your state

This was posted in damnportlanders but without any attached news story, so I checked CNN.com to verify, and I found this, so it's true.

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